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Search like Google. Discover like Facebook. Trend like Twitter. Recommend like Amazon. Store like Dropbox.

Welcome to Insight Cloud, a new platform which will transform knowledge management and link together multiple streams of intelligence in one space. More importantly, it will revolutionise the way in which you use research and insights – from planning and ideation through to creation and launch.

By crowd sourcing intelligence you can see what really matters in your company. Giving you real ROI - Return On Insight. This unique, easy-to-use technology will allow you to strategically collaborate and activate insights, as well as to store documents and projects.

The Insight Cloud is about information but even more so it’s about inspiration.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to get Insighting…

Discovery comes to life with live boards

Live Boards are a new feature for the Insight Cloud allowing clients to run virtual live sessions with remote stakeholders to ideate or activate insights. With intuitive and useful features, it brings together the insights from a particular project or topic so people can make decisions around the relevant intelligence to get initiatives into market faster.

Custom Curation

A (really good) branch of Ipsos developed the Insight Cloud platform, which is now supported by our partners at Market Logic, who also provide the backend services like support and hosting.

Your Insight Cloud is your Insight Cloud and you have total control over it - what goes on there and who sees what. Ipsos offers a curation service (we are training our best people on Market Intelligence in general and the Insight Cloud in particular) and we can curate Ipsos-only Clouds or Clouds including intelligence from other companies – with permission of course.

For more details of our standard curation package or to discuss tailor made curation options please contact

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